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Since 2010 Elote has been bringing masked Mexican wresting to downtown Tulsa. Lucha Libre is a battle of Good vs Evil duked out in the wrestling ring. With bright colors, ridiculous costumes and over the top theatrics you’re sure to enjoy the show. 

Luchador wrestling takes place inside Elote nine months out of the year. Each year the wrestling season ends with a huge street party for Cinco de Mayo.

Four Eyes Frank

Four Eyes Frank hails from Fairplay, CO a tiny town in southern Park County. He graduated Sumo Kum Loudly from the Mr. Magoo School for Myopic Officiating.
Frank began his career as a referee in the Mexican Exotico Luchadore Federation. Seeking to rekindle his love for MELF, Frank auditioned for ELWF upon his arrival in Tulsa. Frank enjoys his privilege of ring side attendance at Elote’s Luchadore Wrestling Federation and fantasizes of one day “masking up” to fulfill his destiny as a Luchador.

Carlos Caliente

Carlos Caliente is Elote Ring announcer and Luchador , actor, singer, composer and  Internet personality.  Carlos began his acting career by participating in Spanish language soap operas (Telanovelas) for  Telemundo.  After his divorce Moved to Tulsa and started his working relationship with Elote Lucha Libre.

La Conservacionista

La Conservacionista (aka The Environmentalist) was born from Mother Nature herself.  She was sent to rid the globe of polluters, non-recyclers, and all around trashy individuals.  She is often found lecturing others on saving the planet and being green.  She quickly flips a switch the second she sees someone mistreating the earth. She won’t think twice about taking you out with the trash!

Luchadora The Explora

From Chihuahua, Mexico

Loves learning new things, making new friends, and discovering new adventures.

She may seem sweet, but if provoked, she has a backpack full of surprises and isn’t afraid to use them.

Jab-a-gal Adams

2016 ELWF Women’s Champion

Skates her way through the rules

Likes to spend time in the penalty box for throwing ‘bows; because it’s her second amendment right.

La Calaca

La Calaca comes from a 6 feet underground gravesite in Puebla, Mexico. She continues to live it up even though she is dead.  She returns to earth for tequila, puffy tacos, unrequited love, and Latin dance music. She has a bad habit of trying to kill anyone who doesn’t know how to have a good time so they can be eternally happy like her.

Murder Squirrel

From the Big Ol Hickory Tree
Murder Squirrel Enjoys the simple things in life.
Such as eating and playing in the sun. Running on tree limbs as well as power lines. Oh and the occasional throwing on a mask and murdering people in the rings of Elote.
Nothing makes Murder Squirrel happier then entertaining his #Nutz
Finisher : The Power Line Swanton
Catch Phrase : #Protecturnutz

El Capitan

From: Wherever the sea takes him

El Capitan is currently the most feared pirate in the entire world. He has looted and pillaged his way through all the seven seas, and still strikes fear in any harbor he passes. 

El Capitan will never back down from a fight, and he is not afraid to fight dirty. He’ll gouge your eyes out, or give you a cheap shot below the belt quicker than you can say shiver me timbers.

This pirate is more than just brawn. El Capitan has a wit that is sharper than his sword, and he is always ready with the best jokes you can find on dry land.

The Red Pandas Bruno and Jamo

The Red Pandas are a faction who are in Elote for one sole purpose - to bring vengeance to the evil black and white pandas and to bring awareness to the plight of red pandas all over the globe.  Also to eat puffy tacos.  So for technically three sole purposes, not just one and maybe a few more.

Early in the evolution of pandas, red pandas were ostracized and attacked by traditional pandas.  This even caused an adaptation as they no longer grow tails due to traditional pandas attacking them.

The Red Pandas of Elote are Bruno - the powerhouse and Jamo the mastermind.  Their ultimate goal being to take the tag titles currentlu held by the Pandas.

Bruno was discovered as an abandoned baby left in a chained crate on the west side of Mexico City in 1975.  He grew up to become known as one of the most ferocious lucha competitors to come out of the Red Panda Dojo.
HT 6’0”
WT 250 lbs
Bench press 450

Los Rudosos -Vandaloso and Osito

El Vandaloso and Osito were abandoned by their luchador father and separated at a very young age.

Vandaloso grew up on the streets, spending most of the day in an alleyway studying wrestling through a window of a lucha gym. Scavenging for food and money, he learned that you have to do whatever it takes to make it through each day. On the other hand, Osito was left in the woods. Starving and desperate, he was accepted into a family of bears who taught him his vicious methods of fighting. 

Fate would reunite the long lost brothers, and they would set out to find and get revenge on their father who abandoned them all those years ago. As they set off on their vendetta, they would discover that their father actually abandoned them to save their lives. He owed the wrong person money and knew they were in serious danger. The day he abandoned his two boys, he was murdered by the very same wrestlers Vandaloso grew up admiring through the window at the wrestling gym.

At this point, the two brothers embraced the mask of their father, kicked down the door of the gym, and proceeded to brutalize and embarrass every wrestler one by one until they were victorious.

As the last wrestler fell in defeat, suddenly a luchador that practiced magic unsuspectingly made his way into the gym. Upon discovering the pile of bruised and broken wrestlers, he turned his attention to the two panda brothers. As they approached, he quickly bumbled his way through a spell, enslaving them under his control to do his dirty work. 

For years, they ran the circuits together and won match after match. Together, they were unstoppable. Finally, at Elote Lucha Wrestling Federation, the magician made a simple mistake and dropped his guard. The panda brothers seized the opportunity to break the spell, free themselves and make quick work of the magician.

At this point, they made a pact that they would never let anyone control them again. Their goal at Elote is to be so dominant and decorated, that they will be running the show, answering to no one. And they will do whatever it takes to make this happen.

El Repo Gatito

Grandma Sensibility

When asked where she was born, Grandma Sensibility replied "None of your Beeswax Sonny!"

She certainly puts the CAN in Cantankerous


El Gallo Rojo Loco

El Greengo Loco

Height - 5'11"

Weight - 256 Chimichangas

From - New Reno, New Mexico

Nickname - The King of Tex Mex Style

Signature : Chalupa Roll, Atomic Taco

Finisher : Quesadilla Clutch, The Taquito Bomb

The Resident Superhero Elijah Sparks

The Resident Superhero Elijah Sparks

Height: 5'7"

Weight: 145lbs

From: Hall Of Justice

Signature Move: Ignition Switch
Finisher: Super Sparks

Catchphrase: "Sparks fly!"